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Nepali Singer Muna Thapa Magar

Muna Thapa Magar is a folk singer of Nepal. Charming Muna has been able to attract the audiences with her singing skills. Muna, who is gifted with a pleasant voice, has sung dozens of songs. She is one of the famous Nepali singer.

Personal life of Muna Thapa Magar

Muna Thapa Magar was born on 8th of August in a small village in Manakamana Village Development Committee named Siling Lamchhapa. When Muna was growing up, she was surrounded in a musical environment where people loved playing Madals and singing Lok Dohori. The innocent Muna was however unknown of her hidden talent. Her singing skills were revealed when she sang a song in the stage for the first time in Tanahu Abhurkhaireni. Muna, who sang to help her friend having a throat problem, became more confident in her singing skills after being able to sing publicly.

Muna Thapa Magar Singing

There is a saying that behind every successful man, there is a female but in case of Muna the reverse is also true that is behind every successful woman, there is a man. Muna’s brother in law Karsing was behind pushing Muna to the stage to sing and had always been supportive throughout her career. Similarly, Muna regards her ‘Phupu’ to be a true inspiration as she was the one who polished her singing talent. Muna sang Lok dohori in the programs along with her phupu and later commenced her singing career also with her phupu.

Muna was blessed to have such family members who inspired her to pursue a career in singing.

Muna Thapa Magar’s Career

Folk singer Muna Thapa Magar’s first recording was ‘Cable Carma Gate’. She released her first music album ‘Chorri’ in 2064 B.S. After the success of her first album, she published ‘Chorri-2’.

Blessed with mesmerized voice, Muna has sung various folk songs (Lok geet) that got very popular. Some of her famous songs are ‘Chiso Chiso Hawa Sarara’, ‘Maya Afai Hudo Raixani’, ‘Maile Man Paraeko’, ‘Samjhana Manaima’, ‘Tite Karelile’, ‘Phone Gara Hai Din Ma Ek Phera’ and ‘Herchau Ooth Toki’. Muna has also sung Teej songs which were quite popular. Some of them are ‘Maiti Gharko Kukur Ni Pyaro’, ‘Sarak Sarak’, ‘Bhatkiyo Maitighar’, ‘Badhyo Sunko Bhau’ and ‘Rato Sadi’.

Muna has performed in various stage shows, both national and international. She has performed in countries like the UK, Malaysia, Korea, Bahrain, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Awards won by Muna Thapa Magar

Incredible voice of Muna is loved by the Nepalese audience due to which she got immense popularity. Muna is honoured with various awards. Some of them are ‘Tuborg Image Music Award 2066-Best Dohori Singer’, ‘Bindabashini Music Award 2066- Folk Singer of the Year 2066’, ‘Hits FM Music Award 2067-Album Of The Year’, ‘Image Award – Dohori Singer Of the Year 2067’, ‘Folk Singer of the Year 2070 – Music Khabar Award’.

Final words
Nowadays, people are more into rap and pop songs rather that folk songs. But, short and sweet, Muna has been competing with other genre of songs and yet been able to gain immense popularity through folk songs. Her songs are loved by the Nepali audiences.

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