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Jyoti Magar – A Singer and Model

Jyoti Magar is a Nepali folk singer, an actress and a model. She was born in Rolpa district. She belongs to a middle-class family. She has a brother and a sister. Both are happily married while she still stays with her parents.

Jyoti studied in a school at Rolpa. She was a bright student during her school days. She completed her District Level Examination from Rolpa and later moved to Dang. She received her School Leaving certificate from a school in Dang. She joined intermediate degree in arts but then thought to get involved in music because of which she could not go further in her studies.

Jyoti Magar

Jyoti Magar started her music career since the year 2006. Her first music was from album ‘Maan kina Tada Bho” but eventually, the release was canceled, probably because producers did not want to risk their fund in a new artist. After that, she gave her voice in music from the albums ‘Maya Sanga’, ‘ Ui Mulako Sinki Ui Mulako Chana’. These albums were her debut in music.

‘Pirati Ma Dam Chha’, ‘Jimmal Bauki Chhori’ are Jyoti’s famous songs. Her other songs praised by her admirers are ‘Sirak Tanatan’, a comedy number, ‘Goli Thoknu Parne’, ‘Kina Ho Kina’, ‘Aa Jyoti Deuna Maya Ek Choti’, ‘Maya Magyau Mutu Diye Maile’, ‘Gaaune Bhaye Gaaun Dohori’, ‘Khich Deu Euta Photo’, ‘Solti Sanga’, ‘Dhade Birlo’. Jyoti usually writes and composes her music on her own. She has also appeared as a model in her music videos and performed in live programs in different countries of Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Jyoti Magar in a PhotoshootBesides singing and modeling, Jyoti Magar is also equally interested in acting. She has appeared in a Gurung movie. She has also done radio and street dramas.

She has continuously been in controversies due to her glamorous dress ups. Number of her television interviews to be broadcasted were canceled or censored. She has been accused of wearing vulgar dresses. Rumour once spread that she was hit by a group of 4-5 Nepali women while her shooting at Balaju park for a Teej song. Denying this, she said that in the morning she was in a shoot for A.D Factor and the afternoon at Satungol for her next shoot and had not been at Balaju park for a shoot that day.

She also said that she has earned her fame with her efforts and not because of her glamour as she has repeatedly been asked in interviews about her success in the industry.

Though Jyoti Magar receives many proposals through text messages and social media, she claims that she is still single. It has occurred to her that those who propose are not qualified enough to marry her, and those she wanted to marry with are already married. She said that if she is to marry someone, she would like a man with a personality like that of Rajesh Hamal and successful person as Rishi Dhamala.

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