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Indira Joshi Dancing and Singing in Stage

Indira Joshi Biography and Life Story

Sexy Photo of Indira Joshi

A singer, a model and a dancer- Indira Joshi definitely has what it takes to be an all-rounder. A very talented celebrity of Nepal was born in a place called Parasi located in Nawalparasi district, Lumbini zone of Nepal. Brought up in the land of Lord Buddha, Indira Joshi is a peace loving person. From her early childhood, she was fond of singing songs. She was a part of a competition ‘Ko Bhanda Ko Kam’ which she even won. Her melodious voice was appreciated by a lot of people which inspired her to take a step forward towards the world of music.

In order to fulfil her dreams, Indira moved to Kathmandu and joined a music school called ‘Doremi Sangeet Pathshala’. All her hard work paid off when she was selected in a musical competition ‘Nepali Tara’. Her magnificent voice impressed not only the judges but also the viewers. Because of this, she was able to be one of the finalists, in fact the only female finalist of Nepali Tara. She did not get the winning trophy but that did not harm her singing career. In fact she got a pool of opportunities to showcase her talent. She started singing as a playback singer in movies and even launched her album ‘Dance with Me’. She did live performances not only in Nepal but also abroad namely Portugal, Spain, Korea and many more. She is also featured in a Sri-Lankan song ‘Just 1 click’. Her songs ‘Rato Ghanghara’, ‘Daijo’, ‘Udreko Choli’ are loved by the Nepalese people.

Indira Joshi Dance

Known as Nepali Shakira, Indira has proved herself not only as a superb singer but also as a wonderful dancer. Her beautiful dance moves and hip movements have certainly made her the Nepalese Shakira.

Indira Joshi has also impressed the glamour industry with her mind-blowing photographs. Magazines and newspapers with her photographs have definitely impressed the readers and increased her fan following. She also turned out to be a brand ambassador. In 2011, she was honoured with ‘Best Female Award’. Indira however did not stop exploring new horizons in life. A very talented singer wanted to get an experience in modelling. So, she took a step towards modelling and started a new career. Whether it be modelling, singing or dancing, Indira knows very well to surprise the audiences every time with something new and interesting. No doubt, her talent has made her reach the peak of success.

Indira Joshi is certainly an inspiration. She has proved that if one follows his/her passion, then that person would surely succeed. She believes that whatever she is right now is because of her parents. She says her supportive family and friends have helped her to transform her passion into a career. It was their faith and belief that motivated her to try out new things whether it be singing, dancing or modelling. The beautiful Indira believes that she has had a wonderful journey till now. There were ups and downs but her consistent effort helped her to become what she is right now. She is undoubtedly a treasure of talent which makes her one of the popular female personalities of Nepal.

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