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Nepali Singer - Astha Tamang Maskey

Astha Tamang Maskey’s Biography

A Picture of Astha Tamang MaskeyThe biggest achievement for a singer is when a listener is able to connect to the song and feel its emotion. It is a tough job to affect the feelings of listeners with the help of melody and music. But, Astha Tamang Maskey has managed to conquer the heart of her fans with her phenomenal voice and outstanding lyrics.


Born in Nepal, Astha spent her 12 years of life in Nepal. Till this time, she had already started liking music and started singing songs among her family and relatives. She then shifted to Toronto with her family. She started writing songs at the age of 14 and by the age of 15, she started recording songs. Being a lover of music, Astha turned her passion into her career. So, she decided to join a music school where she would be able to polish her singing skills.

Astha gained all the necessary skills required to start a career as an independent singer after graduating from the Independent Music Production program at Toronto’s Seneca College and the Audio Engineering Program at the Harris Institute of Toronto in 2011.


Being a resident of Toronto, Astha decided to start her career officially as an independent singer from the same place where she was born. The first Nepalese Female Sound Engineer, Astha returned back to Nepal and released her debut album ‘Sabai Thik Huncha’ in Kathmandu.

A mix of live, electronic and acoustic music, the album had one English and seven Nepali songs co-written by Astha and her mother.

Gotta Be Love’, her first radio single of the album, was a chartbuster in Nepalese FM station.

Jhuto Satya’, her second radio hit was nominated for ‘Best Rock Vocal Performance’ on the Nepalese TV-Image Award 2009. She was awarded the ‘Best Pop Female Vocalist’ at Radio Kantipur’s Music Honors 2010. She was also nominated for ‘Best Female Pop Vocal Performance’ for Hits FM Music Awards 2013 (Nepal) for her single – Harek Saas Sita. She also released her debut English EP11:11 in Toronto.

Hit Songs

Some of the musical hits of Astha are ‘Ghamko Sano Tukra’, ‘Khula Akaash’, ‘Kehi Mitho’, ‘Muskuraye’ and ‘Sangini’.

With every song she sings, she reflects the reality of life and a deep truth. Her songs like ‘Hide and Seek’, ‘Where have you been’, ‘Pain killer’ and ‘Believe it’ holds a deep meaning.

‘Hide and Seek’ reflects the picture of a relationship. ‘Pain killer’ is a song describing the experience of youths. Similarly, ‘Believe it’ describes the pressure that the upcoming artists face.

Her latest hit was ‘Gham Ko Saano Tukra’ a song dedicated to the children of CWIN Balika Peace Home.


The incredible Astha, with an acoustic guitar and unique voice, has done various live shows and has been able to surprise the audiences.

Astha Tamang Maskey performing on stage

She has done performances in Toronto music venues like Smiling Buddha, the Reverb, Holy Joes, the Horseshoe Tavern and the Opera House. She has also been a part of music festivals in Nepal and performed in Fete de la Musique, the Chevrolet Miles Music Festival and the Himalayan Blues Festival.

Astha went on a musical tour named ‘Ma Ek Sapana Tour’ in the year 2014. She did live performances in different places of Nepal, India, Australia and UK in her tour.


A girl with not only a pretty face but golden voice, Astha Tamang Maskey in her twenties has reached the peak of success with her talent and dedication. The certified sound engineer of Nepal feels blessed to have a wonderful career and a huge fan base.

Images by FuzzFactoryProductions.

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