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Amrita Acharia

A Half Nepali Girl in Game of Thrones

Those who have watched season 1 and season 2 of Game of Thrones (GoT) certainly know the character of Dothraki handmaiden Irri but very few know that the character was portrayed by a Nepali girl Amrita Acharia. Yes you heard it right. Amrita Acharia (Acharya) seen as Irri in ‘Game of Thrones’ was born from a Nepalese father and Ukrainian mother. (more…)

The first Nepali Girl in British Gurkha

To be the first Nepali female to join British Army is a matter of honor. The post for which Gurkha men compete, breaking the trend and competing as a Gurkha girl with the boys is commendable. Some Nepali girls have definitely proved themselves in the British Army. But who actually is the first Nepali female to join British Army? (more…)

Indira Joshi Dancing and Singing in Stage

Indira Joshi Biography and Life Story

Sexy Photo of Indira Joshi

A singer, a model and a dancer- Indira Joshi definitely has what it takes to be an all-rounder. A very talented celebrity of Nepal was born in a place called Parasi located in Nawalparasi district, Lumbini zone of Nepal. Brought up in the land of Lord Buddha, Indira Joshi is a peace loving person. From her early childhood, she was fond of singing songs. She was a part of a competition ‘Ko Bhanda Ko Kam’ which she even won. Her melodious voice was appreciated by a lot of people which inspired her to take a step forward towards the world of music.


Nepali Heroine - Nisha Adhikari

Nisha Adhikari Biography, Interview and Photos

It is needless to answer – ‘Who is Nisha Adhikari?’ She needs no introduction. The popular adage – ‘beauty with brain’ fits in her life so well. Along with a fashion diva, she is also known for being the first Nepali actress to climb Mount Everest. Yes, she successfully conquered the 8848m height on 21st May 2013. Now, let us know her in detail. Find out about her likes and dislikes. Her hobbies and interests and of course about the ongoing rumor of her love life.


Dashing Malvika Subba

Malvika Subba – Biography, Profile and Photos

Dashing Malvika SubbaMalvika Subba (born July 19, 1981 in Bansbari, Kathmandu) was crowned as Miss Nepal 2002 at the age of 21 along with subtitles – Miss Personality, Miss Best Hair and Miss Talent on the same pageant.

12 years has been completed since her career began. Till date, she has stepped in various professions. The success and glory she achieved during this period as a result of her hard work and dedication is remarkable. Setting an example, Malvika can be considered as the successful Nepali model and the best Miss Nepal the pageant has ever discovered.


Most Popular Actress of Nepal - Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa Biography and Photos

There are less people in Nepal who have not heard the name Rekha Thapa, nickname ‘Kali’. Most probably she is the bold female personality in Nepal. Why is so? Let us have a closer look at her biography starting with a profile.

Rekha Thapa Beautiful PictureBeing a person from rural district does not make one to be backward in terms of popularity and prosperity. It has been proven by the renowned Nepali actress, as she was born in Surkhet on July 5, 1975. From this, you can now predict the age of Rekha Thapa. To be exact, she is 39 years old. It has been a long journey for her up until now and yet to be seen more in the future.