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Mala Limbu – Nepali Model and Actress

Mala Limbu, a stunning 25 years old lady, is a model and an actress in Nepal. Born and brought up in Singapore, Mala is a new comer in the Nepali film fraternity. She has done numerous modelling projects and few movies. Mala, who finds acting quite fascinating, is working hard to establish herself in the industry.

Sipora Gurung Photo

Nepali Actress Sipora Gurung

Sipora Gurung– a national level volleyball player and also an actress, has had an amazing journey. The 22 years old actress has gained immense popularity in both sports and movies. She is undoubtedly one of the multi- talented people of Nepal achieving success at a very young age. (more…)

Nepali Actress Sushma Karki

Bold and beautiful Sushma Karki is a well-known model and actress in Nepal. Sushma who got immense popularity from the chartbuster item song ‘Udreko Choli’ has done various movies and item songs. In the past 8 years, the bubbly girl Sushma proved herself as an incredible actress and bold dancer. (more…)

Nepali Model Bidhatri Pokhrel

There are very few who are blessed with a pretty face, elegant body, smart personality and tall height. One of the angels blessed with all these features is Bidhatri Pokhrel, the young Nepali model with height of 5 feet 9 inch.  Bidhatri has one of those rare looks which make her a distinctive model. Her curly hair and poise body language makes her look unique yet beautiful. A naughty child who dreamt to become a doctor when she was six years, a pilot when she was eight years and a banker when she was ten years however turned out to be a model when she was 18. (more…)

Nepali Model Niti Shah

Niti Shah: She is a girl who needs no introduction in the Nepalese fashion world today. She has proved that your age hardly obstruct you from achieving your dreams. She undoubtedly has one of the prettiest faces in Nepal. Her angelic smile, charming face and poise body language adds up to her beauty. Niti is compared with the Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif because of the similar features and looks. The girl who succeeded in becoming a model at a very young age has been able to grab the attention of the Nepalese audience especially the youth. She has gained immense popularity in a very short span of time. (more…)

Nepali Model Paramita Rana

Paramita RanaModelling is a tough line to get into the top especially in a country like Nepal where people deny considering modelling as a career. Thousands of girls try their luck out in modelling every year but only few succeed in coming all the way through. Paramita Rana, a 21 years old Nepali model, is one of those who succeeded in not only surviving but also rising in the glamour world of Nepal. The beautiful model proved herself not only in national level but also in the international platform.

Paramita Rana was born on 2nd October, 1993. The 5’6” tall model has been modelling from the past four years. The optimistic, dedicated and natural healer model Paramita believes in humanity. The smart and confident model is not only good at her ramp walks but is also blessed with a magnificent voice. (more…)

Karishma Manandhar Biography

Attracting the audience with the charm and elegance even during the 40s is not an easy task. But, the very beautiful and popular Karishma Manandhar (KC) ace in this skill. The actress, even in her 40s, has been able to secure a prominent position in the film industry. Her confidence, personality and grace does not go unnotice by the audiences. Karisma undobtedly has been able to prove herself in the film industry. Her acting skills are loved by the Nepalese audiences due to which she is still one of the popular actresses in Nepal. (more…)

Sneh Rana Biography

Sneh Rana also known as Sneha Rana is a lady who needs no introduction. The timeless beauty of Nepal has been able to maintain her charm and elegance even in her 40s. No one would believe that the graceful Nepali lady is a mother of two children. The multi-talented Sneh who started her career as a professional make-up artist has also proved herself as a model and a singer. The Nepalese fashion world is undoubtedly blessed to have such a talented lady. (more…)

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Marriage is an integral part of human life. For some people, finding a life partner can become more like a battle in social life. This is where the importance of matrimonial websites come in handy. Searching for a potential mate can be possible with online matrimonial sites. In fact, many couples have tied a knot and been living a happy married life. It has proven to be useful for both single and divorced people. (more…)