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Nepali Girls Explained

In its simplest form, Nepali girl is a female living in Nepal or who was born here and now living elsewhere.

Before we go any further, one thing to remember is that the word Nepali and Nepalese are just synonyms. They shall be interchanged without any problem.

As for the word ‘girl’, it may either represent a young and immature female or a woman (offensively).

So getting to the topic back again, we can call Nepalese girl as the one whose origin is Nepal.

History of Nepali Girls

Looking back at the time, the girls and women of Nepal were dominated by male species of human and they still are. They work mainly in household activities and support the family members to carry their life forward.

Nepal being an under-developed country now and then, Nepali girls has not been able to enjoy the high standard life – same goes to the males out there. Moreover, the priority of education is low for the females over males. Saddest part is the fact that traditional Nepalese cultures prefer the birth of male rather than the opposite.

Website Introduction

Now let’s come to the theme as why the site was created? is online because its mission is to serve you with all the possible information on the mentioned topic.

By the way, Nepali Girls in this website represents female models and singers, actresses or those dedicated to other professions. Additionally, it has been categorized according to relationship tips for men, photos and videos to let you explore the site easily.

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What about photos and videos?

Of course, only having to read is boring. There will be related images and motion pictures to entertain you. I know most of us search over the internet to see photos and watch videos rather than readings. For that, I won’t disappoint you.

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