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About Prakriti Shrestha

Prakriti Shrestha’s birth place was Dolakha, Nepal, one of the most beautiful place, a place with strong religious affiliation. She was born on 10th September 1992. Though she was born in Dolakha, she moved to Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur later. Currently, she is living in Essendon, Victoria, Australia and is a cashier at Woolworths.

She is a student of management and studied in Modern College of Management. There, she won the title and established herself as Miss Modern. She had also participated in Image Mega Model season 2 and became the first runner-up as another achievement for her career. Her cuteness, talent and her height (5 feats 4 inches) make her a deserving personality. Though she is both model and an actress, she started her career in modeling through which she also entered in the film industry.

Prakriti Shrestha
She has done a number of music videos that include ‘ Phool bariko phool’ by Santosh Lama, ‘Purnima ko Chandrama’ by Teken Dahal, ‘Yo sansar ma’ by Azish Bista, ‘Juni vari lai’ by DA PRO, ‘I love you’ by Kamal Chhetri, ‘Purnajanma’ by Teken Dahal ‘Ko Hola tyo’ by Sunil Giri, ‘Fida’ by Janma Rai, ‘Sansani’ by Vijay timalsina. ‘Ko Hola Tyo’ is her debut music video. Through ‘Idea Honeybunny’, she was able to introduce herself in the Indian industry. She has also done a music video with her real-life partner in ‘Juni Vari Lai’ and it can be clearly seen in their eyes, the sparks they share.

She is a great admirer of Saugat Malla and a huge fan of Indian Actor Ranveer Kapoor. She is non- vegetarian, obsessed with healthy foods and loves to cherish her taste buds.

She played a lead role of Shristy in the movie ‘Hostel’ with Anmol K.c, Salon Basnet, Sunil Rawal and Gaurav Pahadi, through wich she won Kamana Film Awards in 2013 and National Box Office Awards in 2014. She was also nominated for NEFTA awards in 2014 for the same movie. Other movies include ‘Utsav’ in which she played a lead role, supporting role in ‘Zindagi Rocks’ and ‘Aavash’. She played in a short movie ‘Subharambha’ too.

Model Prakriti Shrestha

Prakriti is an Actress/Model at Freelance since August 2010 until present, Business Ambassador from August 2011 to September 2012. She was a Radio Jockey at Bhaktapur from August 2008 to August 2009 and won the hearts of the listeners with her voice and talks.

Though her fans wanted Prakriti to be tied with Paul Shah, she was bound spiritually as a wife to Sudeep neupane at the age of 23. In fact, they are not just couples but are happily married couples. She is rarely seen on screen after her marriage that may imply that she is trying to flourish her married life though there is no news about the couple’s plan on having a baby. Her absence in the industry has put her fans in thought, however.

Having been born in Dolakha, Prakriti still misses her birth place and would visit there anytime if she had time out of her busy life and schedule.

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