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Shristi Shrestha - Miss Nepal 2012

Shristi Shrestha – Miss Nepal 2012

Name Shristi Shrestha
Age 27
Height 5 feet 9 inch
Birth place Narayangarh, Chitwan
Profession Model


Shristi Shrestha was born on 18th October, 1988 in Chitwan, Nepal. The beautiful Shristi, during her teen age, shifted to London with her family. She is a B.Sc. Nursing student who aims to be a future nurse.

Shristi Shrestha - Miss Nepal 2012Miss Nepal 2012

Bold and beautiful Shristi wished to participate in the Miss Nepal pageant, so she came back to Nepal from the UK to fulfill her dreams. Shristi Shrestha, a 26 years old lady, representing her home town Chitwan as ‘Miss Chitwan 2012’ was able to bag the title of ‘Miss Nepal 2012’ in the 18th Miss Nepal pageant held on 6th May 2012. She also won the sub- title ‘Miss Confidence’.

Miss World 2012

Gorgeous Shristi after winning the title of Miss Nepal 2012 represented Nepal in the international arena and succeeded to be selected among the top 20 beauty queens of the world. Shristi Shrestha was the first Miss Nepal to reach the quarter finals of Miss World. Shristi also got the titles of ‘Top 10 Beach Beauty’, ‘Top 10 Multimedia Award’ and ‘Top 10 Dancers’ in the platform of Miss World 2012.


Prior to winning the title of Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi was a model. Her interview, during the modelling phase, went viral on YouTube and raged Nepalese audiences all over the world. In the interview, she said she was residing in the UK and talked about her father being Mongolian from Nepal. In order to avoid further questions relating to the caste system of Nepal, she denied replying about her family background which fumed Nepalese people. Nepalese audiences felt that she rejected her identity as a Nepalese. However, later Shristi clarified that it was unintentional. She was not trying to hide her identity. In fact, she was nervous due to which she wanted to avoid personal questions.


Before bagging the title of Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi was already a well-known model. At the age of 19 when she was doing a waitressing job in a local cafe of Cornwall, she was recognized by a photographer who offered her a modelling contract. That was from where her modelling career started. So far, she has done modelling in countries like Nepal, India, UK, Thailand, Spain, France and many more. She was also a part of ‘London Fashion Week’ and ‘TGIF Nepal Fashion Week’. Shristi has done editorials for ‘Asiana Wedding Magazine’. She was also the model in British Indian Bhangra music video ‘Naah Pucho’.

Apart from being a successful model, Shristi has managed to prove herself as a social worker as well. She was the WWF Young Conservation Ambassador during her tenure of Miss Nepal 2012. She also initiated a relief campaign in Siraha named ‘Rahat Siraha’. It was a charity movement which focused on providing support to the victims of the fire eruption in Aurahi, Siraha.


Hot, sizzling and ravishing Shristi undoubtedly is a youth icon. Her gorgeous looks and amazing screen presence has managed to amaze the audiences not only in national ground but also in international level. The former Miss Nepal is certainly an inspiration to the youths of Nepal.

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