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Poonam Ghimire - Miss Nepal 1996

Poonam Ghimire – Miss Nepal 1996

Poonam Ghimire - Miss Nepal 1996Poonam Ghimire is one of those Miss Nepal who is least popular as compared to others. Not much information was available about her in the internet. Even finding a nice photo of her was not possible. Despite the fact, this post will try to cover as much information as possible on Miss Nepal 1996.

The other variation of her name is Punam. Some do search her with this name, but her official name is spelled as Poonam.

Poonam Ghimire represented Kathmandu in the pageant at the age of 23 which tells us that her year of birth was around 1973. Few online sources showed that her actual date of birth is 27th October, but the year was not mentioned. She was 5 ft. and 6 in. tall, weighted 114 lbs. and was studying nursing at the time when she took part in Miss Nepal. Some article said that she studied Masters in Business Administration, but that might be the later part. After the announcement made her as winner, she was crowned from Sumi Khadka.

Later she moved to USA and since then she has been associated with few Nepalese community in abroad, such as – the Vice President of Florida Association of Nepali Societies (FANS) and a member of Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA).

Talking about her marriage, she was married to Risal family that makes her full name as Poonam Ghimire Risal.

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