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Miss Nepal 1997 - Neelima Gurung

Neelima Gurung – Miss Nepal 1997

Miss Nepal 1997 - Neelima Gurung
Neelima Gurung Then

Neelima Gurung (Nilima Gurung) is the Miss Nepal 1997 who had also won Miss Personality title in the same event. She was the first participant to win the competition who represented Pokhara. With the height of 5 feet and 6 inch, she was able to bag the title just at the age of 19.

It remains mystery about her childhood as the online sources, even the Wikipedia does not contain the information about her.

A misconception that people have is that if Neelima Gurung was the Miss Nepal of the year 1997 then why most people thinks Jharana Bajracharya as Miss Nepal 1997 at the same time. To clear up this confusion, Jharana is Miss World Nepal but not Miss Nepal. The fact is, there were two contests organized separately in 1997. At first, Kathmandu Jaycees organized the event to select Miss Nepal, and later Hidden Treasure thought of going on their own by organizing Miss World – Nepal.

Probably after 12 years of clinching the crown on her head, she started a fitness center in her hometown – Pokhara. She teaches interested girls to learn Zumba. Nilima enjoys every class she instructed because she feels those classes like a party.

Neelima Gurung at present
Neelima Gurung Now

For Miss Nepal winners, maintaining their weight for the rest of their life is a top priority. Even though Neelima Gurung has chosen the fitness career, she has gained a little weight at present than her earlier life which shall be a challenge for her. P.S. She still looks beautiful. ^_^

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