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Dashing Malvika Subba

Malvika Subba – Biography, Profile and Photos

Dashing Malvika SubbaMalvika Subba (born July 19, 1981 in Bansbari, Kathmandu) was crowned as Miss Nepal 2002 at the age of 21 along with subtitles – Miss Personality, Miss Best Hair and Miss Talent on the same pageant.

12 years has been completed since her career began. Till date, she has stepped in various professions. The success and glory she achieved during this period as a result of her hard work and dedication is remarkable. Setting an example, Malvika can be considered as the successful Nepali model and the best Miss Nepal the pageant has ever discovered.


Nickname Malvi
Date of Birth July 19, 1981
Birth place Bansbari, Kathmandu
Birth sign Cancer
Profession model, actress, anchor, social activist, fashion entrepreneur, emcee
Education Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism (TU)
Spouse Riyaj Shrestha
Height 5ft. 6 in.
Weight 127 lbs
Interests Reading, music, television and internet, traveling
Favourite food Thakali
Favourite color Red

A model she is.

Photo shoots after one huge achievement is normal for any celebrities. Same goes for Malvika. More of her photos started to pour in online entertainment portals and blogs, while mentions and interview in magazines and newspapers were published time to time.

An anchor she is.

After the Miss Nepal title, further journey of her career continued for this beauty with brain. Malvi started to appear in media at first as a VJ for a television show called ‘Call Kantipur’. She then was able to make way in the hearts of young with the interaction and charm she assets through the live TV program companied by the famous co-host Suraj Singh Thakuri. She completed her Masters Degree with her own hard earned money while working in television.

An actress she is.

Talking about her acting career, Malvika is interested only if the script of the film and its crew is well managed. Along with that fact, she is not much interested in acting career. Therefore, she hardly accepts the movie offer. However, in 2008, she played a role of a mother in a movie called ‘God Lives in The Himalayas’ and acted in ‘Good Bye Kathmandu (2010)’. She still gets some offers.

A social activist she is.

Taking multiple professions side by side is hard obviously, what matters is the time and effort management. Malvika Subba is good in these aspects for which she has worked as the Ambassador for Human Trafficking in MTV EXIT and Voice of India in 2008. She was also a youth spokesperson for ActionAid Hunger Free Campaign and a youth leader for HIV AIDS Nepal.

A fashion entrepreneur she is.

The main priority of Malvika Subba is to stay in the fashion industry as she had started through it and would prefer to continue in it. Her aim is to become a fashion entrepreneur. In August of 2011, she launched a fashion house called House of Alternative Apparel at Lazimpat (Ktm) in collaboration with a friend of hers. Although her fans and clients search as ‘Malvika Subba Boutique’, she always tries to point out that the house is not a boutique. It is rather a retail store which sells branded dresses and outfits.

A wife she is.

The beauty queen waited and waited until she found a life partner who would know and support her more closely than anyone else. In the end, she was married to her boyfriend Riyaj Shrestha on 25th April, 2012. The two were in relationship for about one and half years until they became husband and wife. Riyaj was an instructor of Salsa dancing for eight years. While Malvika was learning the Salsa from Riyaj, both started to understand each other and fell in love. Most of the fans consider her marriage as the fairy tale.

Now that we have discussed a lot about Malvika Subba and her achievements, there is no hesitation in saying that she is the one of the most successful female models of Nepal in the history of fashion and modeling.

Malvika Subba Photos


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