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6 Reasons Why Girls You Met Online Won’t Date You

Sculpture of female bird rejecting a male bird

You might have been attracted towards a girl through a social site and might want to take your friendship a step forward. But, beware; girls usually do not prefer to date a guy they have just met online. There are certain reasons why girls you met online would not date you.

  1. Trust issues
    Girls you met online do not blindly trust you. They know you are flirting and merely interested to build a strong relationship. Even if you are serious, they prefer not to go on a date with you because they do not trust you in the first place. When you are interacting with someone only in social sites but have never met them personally, blindly going on a date is only an exception.
  2. Personal relationship
    Girls do not date guys until and unless they know them personally and see any future of their relationship. In the case of online chatting, girls do not get to know you inside out. Just on the basis of how you talk to her, they won’t come on a date with you. It is a fact that you cannot know a person only through chatting. By taking this situation into consideration, girls you met online wont date you if you have only know each other in virtual world but not in the real world.
  3. Chatting just for fun
    Nobody takes you seriously in chat and messenger. You interact with each other in the virtual media just for fun. But, if you approach the girl to go on a date with you, even she will not take you seriously. She might be chatting with you because she enjoys chatting not because she is deeply in love with you. So, she might not take you seriously and would deny going on a date with you.
  4. Emotional attachment
    You do not easily get emotionally attached with the person you met online. Only interacting in virtual world merely makes you attractive. If you really want to impress a girl, you should be able to connect with her emotionally. But establishing an emotional relationship only through chatting might be difficult. When she cannot connect with you emotionally, she would not think of dating you.
  5. Fear of fake accounts
    Virtual world do not assure you that the person with whom you are interacting is real. There are many fake accounts and girls are very much aware about it. Trusting a person you have only met online is difficult and thinking of going on a date with the person is next to impossible.
  6. Lack of information
    Girls you met online could just access your profile and your pictures. With so little information made available, they are most of the times sceptic about you and your background. On top of that there is no guarantee that what you say is true and correct. Due to lack of information about the person, girls usually do not prefer to go on a date with the guy they met online.

Online world is different from the real world you live in. You hardly get to know the person properly when you only interact with them online. Girls usually do not take online chatting seriously as most of the times, boys are flirting with them. So, due to lack of personal relationship and lack of trust, girls you met online would avoid dating you.

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