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7 Tips to Impress a Girl in Nepal

Tips for Impressing Girls in Nepal

Do you like a Nepali girl but find it difficult to approach her or impress her? If you really want to impress a girl in Nepal, first make sure you project yourself well in front of her. Here are some tips that can help you on the way.

  1. Physical appearance
    The first thing that a Nepali girl notices in a boy is his physical appearance. The way you dress up and carry yourself will determine whether a girl is impressed with you or not. So, try to dress properly if you want to impress her. 
  2. Act like a decent man
    Your looks and attire will hardly have any impact on a Nepali girl if you start acting like a desperate man in front of her. A Nepali girl will look at your decency and communication skills rather than just your appearances when she is interacting with you. So, make sure you act like a gentleman in front of her and be courteous.
  3. Compliment her
    Nepali girls love compliments. Complimenting a girl could never be a wrong move to impress a girl. However don’t try to flirt with her or use any cheesy lines while trying to impress her. Flirting does not sound as good as compliments and it might backfire you. Make sure you compliment her in a decent way rather than flirt with her.
  4. Be intellectual
    Nepali girls like boys who are intelligent and rational. Acting like a kid might be cute sometimes but they will never take you seriously if you always act in a childish manner. Try to be intellectual.
  5. Showcase your talent
    Nepali girls love creative and imaginative men. They like boys who think out of the box. Therefore, try to showcase your talent. It might be anything like singing, dancing, playing musical instruments or simply making her laugh with your jokes. Your talent could be a plus point to impress a girl.
  6. Be a good listener
    If you really want to impress a girl in Nepal, approaching a girl and trying to be over-friendly all the time could not be enough. A Nepali girl always seeks for a man who stands by her side and supports her. She likes a man who listens to her. If she feels that you are genuinely interested in her, she will be able to connect to you easily. Your caring nature could eventually impress her.
  7. Be confident
    Your confidence matters a lot when you are interacting with a Nepali girl. Girls like guys who are smart and confident. Your good looks, your knowledge and your intellectual skills will hardly count if you are not able to approach a girl properly and confidently. It is your verbal skills that can impress a girl. So, make sure you are confident.

Don’t forget that your first impression is your last impression. So, in order to impress a girl in Nepal, make sure you don’t act fake and unreal in front of her. Pretending to be good might impress a girl for a short term but even you know that it won’t last forever. Try to be real and honest. Don’t pretend but be yourself. Your positive attitude and decency could eventually impress her.

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