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8 Quick Tips for Proposing a Girl

Some tips you may follow to ensure the love of your life will not reply you with the answer that you do not want to listen. Follow these tips, and the chances of failure will be low as this will get you prepared and build confidence in your mind.

A boy proposing a girl on his knees

Here are the 8 tips to follow for proposing a girl.

  1. First thing first. Invest time for gaining information on the likes and dislikes of the girl you are proposing. It will help you to plan your proposal in a better way.
  2. Propose her at the right place and right moment. After knowing if your girls is of shy or open nature, hit the button at the right moment. That means, if the girl is shy, propose her when you two are alone or else think of a better situation.
  3. The old way of proposing a girl is still romantic, that is to get down on knees. But, this technique is not suitable with the girls of shy nature as they might feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.
  4. Words have power in written also. If you can’t face the girl, write a letter of feelings that is flowing in your heart or construct a romantic poem.
  5. Valentine day is a day of roses too, and girls do love it. Buy a bunch of roses for her and express your true feelings for her. Say how much you love her.
  6. Get emotional and adopt your body language to the romantic environment. Girls are more attracted if they think boys are protective and how much girls are being taken care. Neglecting means building negative feelings.
  7. As I said before, be protective. Try to appear as a strong man that make her feel that you can protect her. Build confidence in yourself to make her feel secure when you are with your girl.
  8. Last but not the least is to never force her to say ‘yes’. It’s the worst thing to do when you are proposing a girl. Instead, be gentle and say her to take time for making the decision. Give her some space and time.

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