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Things to Remember in Your First Date with a Girl

Things to remember while dating a girl for the first time

The girl you like has finally agreed to come on a date with you. You are excited and nervous at the same time. You want to make your date special but there is a problem. It is your first time and you have no past experience of dating a girl. If you want to know about the things that should be taken care of in your first date, then here is the answer.

  1. Attire
    Don’t overdress. You can go casual or formal but make sure you can carry it out easily. Don’t wear something that you are not comfortable in. Wear a nice pair of shoes. Don’t use a harsh perfume. Make sure everything is just appropriate. She will judge you firstly on the basis of your attire so dress properly.
  2. Gestures
    When you are going on your first date, make sure that you display yourself as a gentleman. Allow her to be seated first and ask her whether she is comfortable or not. Treat her like a lady. Make her feel special. Give her your first priority.
  3. Compliments
    Compliment your date. If she is on a date with you, she has dressed up just for you. Your one compliment could make her feel good and happy. So, don’t miss a chance to praise her for her looks.
  4. Gifts and surprises
    If you have asked her for a date, it is your responsibility to make her feel special. Girls love surprises so make sure you have done something special for her. You can take her to some romantic place or can arrange something for her that will make her feel good.
  5. Conversation
    It is your day if you are dating her. So, try to talk about something interesting. Don’t keep on interrogating the girl. It is a date not just a casual meeting so make sure you don’t waste your date by talking about something useless. Involve her when you are talking and connect with her. Make her feel comfortable.
  6. Dining etiquette
    Girls are very serious about etiquette. In their first meeting, they will not only evaluate you on the basis of your looks and interaction skills but also on the basis of your dining etiquette. Order something that is easy to eat. Avoid excessive drinking. A girl will never like a guy who gets drunk on their first date.
  7. Never allow a girl to pay
    Don’t make the girl pay the bills on your first date. You are asking her for a date and if you make her pay the bills, it might be awkward. The girl will not expect you to take her to an expensive place. So, you can take her to some place where you can afford. But, try to pay the bills all by yourself.

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Your effort on your first date will determine whether the girl would love to come on a second date with you or not. So, make sure you make your first date with the girl simple yet perfect.

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