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Signs and Signals if a Girl like you

10 Signs to Know If a Girl Likes You

Signs and Signals if a Girl like you

Do you like a girl but you are not sure that she has the same feelings for you or not? If yes, then here are some of the signs that might help you know whether the girl you are attracted to likes you or not.

  1. Body language
    If a girl likes you, she will twirl her hair while talking to you. Girls naturally do this. When they find it difficult to talk to you and are nervous, they usually play with their hair. Similarly, they will listen to you very carefully when you are talking just to ensure that she is interested in what you are saying.
  2. Looks back
    When you bid her bye and start walking in opposite direction, if she looks back at you again, it is a confirmation that a girl likes you.
  3. Insecurity
    If a girl just treats you as a friend, she will never get jealous when you talk to other girls. But, if she gives strange looks and behaves strangely when you continuously talk with other girls, she likes you.
  4. Frequent glances
    If you feel that the girl passes frequent glances on you when you are near her but not with her, it might be a signal that she likes you. Usually, girls keep on looking at you only when she has a crush on you.
  5. Asks to go out
    Most of the girls, even if they like boys, want the boys to approach them first. But, if she hints you that she wants to go out with you or spend more time with you, it might indicate that she is fond of you.
  6. Proximity
    A girl usually tries to be near you if she likes you. She feels comfortable and safe whenever you are around her. It is way to show that she trusts you. She hugs you and touches you while talking if she is interested in you.
  7. Flirtatious behavior
    Girls usually don’t pass flirty comments to the boys. But if she tends to compliment you, tease you or flirt with you most of the time, it might be because she likes you.
  8. Phone number
    If a girl hints you that she is free and wants to talk to you, she might do this because she likes you. She will make herself accessible to you by giving you her phone number. Girls usually don’t give their phone numbers until they like you. So, if you get her phone number and other signal that she wants to talk to you, she likes you.
  9. Pretend not to care
    If a girl genuinely likes you, she will pretend as if she does not care when you do tiny things around her or for her. But, her eyes and facial expressions would show that she actually cares for everything you do.
  10. Her friends’ reaction
    If her friends constantly look at you and giggle when you are talking to her, be sure that the girl likes you.

Now you can easily identify whether a girl likes you or not. The little things she does signals whether she is attracted towards you or not. So, now onwards, pay attention to what she does and how she behaves when you are around.

If you are not sure of any of the above signs, make sure you have these qualities to attract girls.

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