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Top 10 Reasons Why You Don’t Have a Girlfriend

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Do you want to be in a relationship but cannot find your dream girl? If yes, then here are some reasons why you are still single.

  1. You are shy in nature
    Guys who are shy in nature and do not interact with girls will find it difficult to have a girlfriend. You might still be single because you do not come up confidently in front of girls and interact with them comfortably.
  2. You only hang out with guy friends
    If you hang out with guys all the time, then you would obviously not have a girlfriend. You are seeking for a relationship and if you do not take the first move than you would probably not get a girlfriend. So, if you are in search of a partner, try to interact with girls and hang out with them.
  3. You don’t believe in relationship
    Some guys don’t believe in relationship. They either think that they cannot handle relationship or think it is just a waste of time. If you have such attitude where you keep running away from your feelings and emotions, then you would probably not have a girlfriend.
  4. You are too choosy
    Sometimes, being too choosy and selective about girls, bound you to get into relationship. Nobody in this earth is born perfect. But if you keep searching for a perfect girl, you would rarely get a girlfriend.
  5. You are taking advice from wrong people
    You might be single because you are taking wrong advice from the people. When you fall in love, you should think from your heart not from your mind. But, sometimes the wrong advice given by some random people could be the reason behind you being single.
  6. You think all that matters is money and looks
    The only thing that a girl expects from a guy in a relationship is unconditional love. But, if you think that all that matters to a girl is money or appearances, then you are absolutely wrong. Your narrow perception could be the reason why you are still single.
  7. You don’t put an effort
    If you want a girlfriend, you should at least make an effort to impress her and attract her towards you. Girls are not magnets that automatically get attracted towards you. At least try to express your feelings. If you think girls should make the first move, then you are definitely on the wrong side.
  8. You don’t treat girls properly
    A girl will never want to have a boyfriend who will not treat her properly and take care of her. So, if you are still single, it might be because you don’t know how to treat the girls.
  9. You behave like a desperate man
    Girls don’t like guys who flirt all the times and act like a desperate. If you try to act over-friendly, your nature could be the reason why you are still single.
  10. You are self-centered
    You might love to live alone. You might only think about your priorities due to which other people find it difficult to get along with you. So, if you are self-centered, girls might not like your company due to which you will be single.

You might be doing something wrong due to which you are still single. Your wrong moves could obstruct you to get into a relationship. So, if you really want to have a girlfriend, avoid committing such mistakes.

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