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Top 7 Qualities Nepali Girls Seek in a Boy

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Every Nepali girl has a set of features that they would like their partners to possess. Rather than just their looks and physical appearances, they give preference to certain qualities that they would want them to have. For boys who want to know what those qualities are, here are the answers.

  1. Faithfulness and honesty
    A major quality that all the girls seek in boys is honesty. They want the boy to be trustworthy and faithful. Nepali girls too hate cheaters and liars who are not committed to a relationship. So, if you want to win the heart of a Nepali girl, make sure you are always faithful and honest to her.
  2. A gentleman attitude
    A gentleman attitude is what all Nepali girls seek in a boy. They want the boy to be polite, generous and respectful. Whenever the girl is around, she would like the boy if he pays attention to her and regards her as his first priority. She would love to meet a guy who would act like a gentleman and treat her well.
  3. Mature and understanding
    Nepali girls do not openly talk about their problems and issues. If they do, they would want you to understand her and help her. Acting like a child sometimes might be considered as cute but when girls are seriously talking about their problems, they hate such childish behavior. They like guys who act maturely and behave sensibly.
  4. Optimistic
    Nepali girls like boys who have a positive outlook towards life. They like boys who see the brighter side of the picture and always stay positive. A positive guy can always make a girl happy whatever the situation might be. So, Nepali girls seek for an optimistic attitude in Nepali boys.
  5. Confidence
    Nepali girls appreciate boys who are confident and self-reliant. They like boys who are social and have good communication skills. They usually don’t like shy guys who do not take any initiative to talk and live in isolation. They want the boys to be extrovert.
  6. Humorous
    Nepali girls want boys to be mature and understanding but not serious and grumpy all the time. Life is incomplete without humor. Girls love boys who can make them laugh by forgetting all their pain. You don’t have to be a joker to make a girl smile or laugh. The small things that you do for her can simply bring a smile on her face and make her happy.
  7. Commitment
    Above all, a Nepali girl wants the boy to be committed to her. There should be a good understanding between both of them and they should be compatible with each other.

A Nepali girl wants a boy to understand her and respects her. She wants the boy to care for her and treat her well. All in all, she seeks for a boy who can add colors to her life and make her happy.

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