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Top 8 Dating Mistakes to Avoid While With a Girl

A scene of a man using his phone while on a date

Your first few dates will determine whether your relationship will go further or not. So, you need to act very carefully while you are dating a girl, may it be on formal or surprise meetings. Here are some dating mistakes that guys usually make while going on a date with a girl. Try to avoid these mistakes.

  1. No plans
    You are the one approaching her, so when you ask her out for a date, make some plans. Meeting her in some public place where you always meet and talking about your office works could be boring and backfire you. Boys usually don’t make plans and end up ruining their date.
  2. Asking a girl about her secrets
    A girl would never like a boy who will ask her about her secrets in their first date. You are on a date not on a girls night out where you gossip and talk about your secrets. Asking her to say something that nobody knows or asking her to share her secrets can sound irritating.
  3. Playing with your phone
    Boys usually play with their phone when they find it difficult to talk to a girl. You are dating her and if you start playing with your phone, she will feel isolated and will think twice before going on a date with you next time.
  4. Asking her why she is still single
    While complimenting girls, boys usually ask girls why they are still single. That is the last question you should ask while dating a girl. It was completely the girl’s choice to stay single. Finally, if she is dating you and you end up asking such questions, she will find it weird to interact with you.
  5. Talking about your or her ex
    You are on a date not in an investigation or confession room. So, avoid talking about your or her ex. You are at a verge of establishing a new relationship and if you ask such stupid questions on your date, then no girl would like to date you.
  6. Only talking about yourself
    Make her feel comfortable by interacting with her. But, most of the boys only talk about themselves and their interests while dating. You project yourself as a self-obsessed man if you only talk about yourself while dating a girl.
  7. Interrogating
    Don’t ask questions continuously to the girl. You are on a date not in an interview session where you ask her questions. When there is nothing to say, boys usually make this mistake by continuously interrogating the girls.
  8. Letting the girl pay
    Act like a gentleman. Don’t tell the girl to pay the bills. If you cannot afford a fancy place, take her to some ordinary place but at least for few dates, pay the bills and expenses. Asking the girl to pay might sound awkward.

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So, be very alert when you are on a date with your girl. Try to act like a gentleman. Make her feel comfortable. But make sure, you avoid doing these mistakes in the first place.

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