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How to Get Phone Number of Nepali Girls

A girl using her phone

You might be attracted towards a Nepali girl and wanted to get her phone number but you do not know how to approach her. If this is the issue, then be careful before asking for her phone number. Nepali girls are very sensitive and they do not like it if a random guy comes and ask for their phone number. They would probably tag you as a flirt.

If you want to get a Nepali girl’s phone number, try to keep it slow and easy. Make sure you follow the prescribed steps.

  1. Be calm and poised
    If you want to get the phone number of Nepali girls, then first be calm and poised. Nepali girls do not give you their phone numbers without knowing you. So, be patient. Do not go directly to her and ask for her phone number. Nepali girls are brought up in an environment where they are taught to avoid talking to strangers. The girls might have been modern but they don’t forget this teaching. So, if you excitedly go to the girl and ask for her phone number, higher are the chances that you have to return back empty handed. So, try to play it safe and be calm before approaching her.
  2. Meet the girl
    Once you are calm and composed, meet the girl. Smile at her and interact with her. It would be a plus point for you if you can talk about your common interests. Nepali girls would be able interact with you and connect to you if you talk about your similarities. Be confident when you are approaching her and make sure you don’t come up as a desperate man when talking to her. Talk with her politely and courteously. Don’t just keep on blabbering about yourself, but involve her in the conversation by talking about her preferences and priorities.
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  3. Try to impress her
    Once you are sure that she is not bored to interact with you, try to impress her. Use your charms and skills. You can compliment her to make her feel special. Be humorous and make her laugh. Use your intellectual skills. Make her feel that you are not just flirting with her. Once you succeed to impress her, build a friendly relationship with her.
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  4. Ask for her phone number
    Once you feel she likes you or is interested towards you, ask for her number. But do not directly say that you want her number. All your efforts might go in vain if you eventually sound like a desperate at the end. So, be careful while asking for her number. Your common interests could be a backup for you while asking for her number. You can say you would want to know more about it or have some query about the issue. If you build up a scenario before asking for her phone number, your request would sound much more modest. So, be polite when you ask for her phone number.

Following these genuine steps will help you get the phone number of Nepali girls for sure.

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