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How to Get a Girlfriend in Nepal

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Together

Are you still single when all your friends are in a relationship? If yes, then you might be in search of a girlfriend. If you want to get a girlfriend in Nepal, first make sure that you appear to be good in front of her. You should be very careful and follow certain steps before approaching a girl to be your girlfriend.

  1. Networking
    You might be single because you don’t interact with much or you are afraid of denial. In order to get a girlfriend in Nepal, first try to interact with many girls around you. Attending friends’ party or events might give you a chance to meet girls and interact with them. Approach the girl when your heart says she is the one. Don’t be afraid of rejection otherwise you will always be alone.
  2. Physical appearance
    When a girl first sees you, she will judge you on the basic of your appearance. It is the physical features that will be noticed in the first place. So, to get a girlfriend in Nepal, first make sure that you appear to be good physically in the eyes of the girls. Only then, it would be possible for you to proceed forward.
  3. Do not flirt immediately
    Just because you like a Nepali girl does not mean you should go and flirt with her. Nepali girls usually evaluate a boy on the basis of his physical features and his behaviour. Directly flirting might have negative impact and back fire you. So, after you meet her, talk to her in a courteous way. Try to make her comfortable whenever she is around. In fact of flirting, you can compliment her. Compliments sound much better than flirting.
  4. Be friends
    A Nepali girl would never prefer to make a stranger her boyfriend. So before proposing her, make sure that you have become a good friend with her. Help her, take care of her and make her feel that you will always be around her whenever she needs you. Then, she will be comfortable with you.
  5. Express your feelings
    Whenever you think she is comfortable with you, express your feelings. Make her feel special and tell her how much she matter in your life. Nepali girls, like any other girls, love honest men. So, show your honesty towards her. Nepali girls love getting attention. So, give her your full attention.

Nepali girls are very sensitive about relationship. If they say yes to you, then be sure that you are committed to them. So, if you want to make a Nepali girl your girlfriend, don’t ever make her feel that she is just a time pass. Treat her well and assure her that she is very important in your life. Keep no room for hesitation and make her feel comfortable. Before becoming a boyfriend, try to become her best friend with whom she shares all her happiness and sorrow. Only then you can get a long lasting relationship.

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