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How to Flirt with a Girl in Good Ways

A boy flirting with a girl in club party

Do you like a girl but feel uncomfortable to interact with her? Do you want to flirt with her in a good manner but afraid to approach her thinking that your flirty comments might backfire you? If yes, then here are some tips on how to flirt with a girl in a friendly manner without sounding too creepy or cheap.

  1. Compliment the girl
    Girls love compliments. If you want to flirt with the girl in a decent manner, just compliment her. You may like her hair, her attire or the smell of her perfume. If you feel she is looking good, don’t miss a chance to compliment her. However, avoid getting too personal when complimenting her. Your dress looks good on you sounds decent but if you say your dress perfectly fits your body, then your comment might sound creepy.
  2. Get some quality time with her
    Flirt with her mostly when you two are together. If you are always flirting and keep on passing comments to the girl you like whenever you are in group, the girl might not take your remarks seriously. If you want to impress her and make her feel special, flirt when only she is around. Your simple comments like ‘I always enjoy your company’ or ‘you made my day’ could bring a smile on the girls face.
  3. Be humorous
    Girls love interacting with funny guys. So, if you want to flirt with her in a decent manner, try to be humorous. You can share you funny incidents or crack funny jokes to continue your conversation with her. You will be able to build a good interactive environment and can impress her with you entertaining behaviour.
  4. Ask her out
    Whenever you are trying to flirt with the girl, don’t miss a chance to ask her out. You can ask her to join you for a lunch or a movie. If she accepts your offer, then it’s a jackpot for you. But is she denies or laughs at it, don’t act serious but laugh along with her. You can keep on approaching her but be careful that you don’t sound serious.
  5. Make late night calls
    Make those late night calls or texts. You can have flirty conversation with the girl at night. If you continue calling her late night and if she responds to your call positively, then there is a high chance that she will get attracted towards you. You humorous late night conversation could eventually impress the girl.
  6. Tease her now and then
    Flirting is not only about compliments. If you tease her whenever she is around or pull her legs when she does something funny, then it is also flirting. So, tease a girl in a humorous way or laugh at the mistakes she does whenever you two are together.

So, if you really want to attract a girl you like, flirt with her in a good manner. Tease her, compliment her and interact with her. Make her feel special. Basically, enjoy flirting with her.

Image credit: Maxime Guilbot

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