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Nepali Dubsmash Collection

Best Dubsmash Compilation of Nepali Girls

It is right now that you show your acting skill to the world with a free app called Dubsmash. This application lets you record the video of you with the pre-made sample audio. You just need to act your best while synchronizing your lips and expression. If the outcome is good, chances are that your creative dubsmash video may go viral on the web and you are no less than an entertaining actor or actresses. Well, this is what trending right. More than 20 million people are into this and have been creating crazy and hilarious dubsmash videos.

The length of dubsmash videos are pretty short, like say, a minimum of 6 seconds. It is similar to vines. Check out some of the best vines compilation by Nepali girls that I collected. You will love it.

The Rise of Nepali Dubsmash Videos

The number of these kind of videos being made by Nepali people is on the rise too. It has been increasing day by day. Nepalese from both inside and outside the country are creating really funny and entertaining clips.

Creators from abroad choose mainly western type audio while creators from Nepal choose mainly Hindi movie dialogues because Nepal is much influenced by Bollywood. Whatever it is, the result is really fun to watch.

Watch the videos that I prepared in few compilations below. I assure that you will love it. Not to forget, please share the videos with friends if it was worth watching.

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