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Tips to become a good friend with girls

How to Become a Good Friend with Nepali Girls

Friends: they are regarded to be the greatest of all blessings. If a person wants to become a friend with any girl whether it is American, British, Indian or Nepali, all that is required is establishment of a comfort zone.

Tips to become a good friend with girls

Whenever we talk about Nepali girls, like any other girls, they are also sensitive about friendship. Adopting tips mentioned below will help you to establish a good friendship with Nepali girls.

Tips to become a good friend with Nepali girls

  1. Make her comfortable
    Nepali girls do not prefer to interact with strangers. If you are approaching a girl, try to be at the same places and be polite when you are having a conversation with her. Try to create a friendly environment around her. Look for common interest so that she can connect and talk openly with you. However, in the phase of making her comfortable, don’t get over friendly as it might back fire you.
  2. Maintain a space
    Nepali girls are choosy about friends. The first thing they expect from you is a certain level of space before getting into friendship. If you try to show her that you are very close to her and keep on following her, she might get offended. She might even assume that you have a bad intention. So, when interacting with her, make sure that you maintain a space in initial stage and make her feel that you respect her.
  3. Praise and complement her
    Nepali girl are always open to praises and compliments. They love it. So, don’t miss a chance to compliment her once you succeed to establish a comfort zone with her. Similarly, they feel good when their hard work, dedication and effort are appreciated. So, after you succeed to accomplish the first two steps of making her comfortable, show your respect towards her by praising her.
  4. Make sure that you are always beside her
    Once, you succeed to be friends with Nepali girls, you can then take a step further to convince her that she can count on you whenever she is in need. Nepali girls usually hide their feelings and emotion before knowing a person but once they are comfortable, they express themselves openly. Just listen to her and make her feel that you will always support her no matter whatever the circumstances might be. In this way, you can be a trustworthy friend for the Nepali girls on whom they can rely on.
  5. Express yourself openly
    Friendship is not a one sided relationship as it requires inputs from both the sides. Until and unless, you express yourself openly and show her that you trust her equally as she does, you can only be in the list of her friends. Whenever you need help, consult her. Expressing your feelings and sharing your joy and sorrow. That will make her feel that she is an integral part of your life.

Nepali girls are more open to their friends than to their family. Make sure that you can become a person on whom she can rely. Make her laugh. Make her comfortable whenever you are around. Above all, respect her and convince her that your friendship is real and valuable. Only then, you can become good friends with the Nepali girls.

Do you agree with the list? Share your tips below. 🙂

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