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How to Approach Girls in First Meeting

Do you want to have female friends but find it difficult to talk to them and interact with them? If yes, then you might be one of those boys who get nervous when they see girls around. You might not be aware how to connect to her in the first meeting.

Tips to Approach a Girl in Your First Meeting

If you really want to approach girls and know them in first meeting, then here are some of the tips that might help you.

  1. Eye- contact
    The key to a women’s heart is her eyes. So, when you approach a girl in a first meeting, make sure you maintain an eye contact. However, make sure that you pass on casual glances on the girl rather than stare at her. Continuously staring can make the girl feel uncomfortable.
  2. Start a casual conversation
    After maintaining an eye contact, start interacting with her in a casual way. Don’t sound desperate or creepy. Just have a smooth conversation. You can talk about the likes and dislikes or about the common interests you have. Listen to her when she is talking. Appreciate her thoughts. In this way, you can make a conversation go smooth.
  3. Compliment her
    Don’t be flirtatious. Instead of using some cheesy lines, you can give compliments to her. Compliments sound much sober and respectful than flirty comments. When you compliment her in the first meeting, she will also know that you are interested in her. It might help you avoid being friend-zoned.
  4. Lady’s first
    Never forget the basic rule-Lady’s first. If you are meeting a girl in a restaurant or any other public places, allow her to take a seat first. You will project yourself as a well-mannered man if you follow this rule.
  5. Seek for back up questions
    When you are not much familiar with talking to girls, you might get nervous when interacting with her. So, always set a list of back up questions that will help you continue the conversation without any pause.
  6. Make her feel comfortable
    When you are approaching a girl in first meeting, there are high chances that the girl might feel uncomfortable as she hardly knows you. So, it is a guy’s responsibility to create a friendly environment where she feels free to talk and share her opinions. By making her laugh and talking about your funny past incidents, you can create a friendly environment.
  7. Time limit
    When you are approaching her in the first meeting, set a time limit. Don’t act as if you want to stay with her and talk to her throughout the day. Try to impress her in a short interval of time. After you think, you have succeeded in it, ask for a leave. However, don’t forget to state that you would love to meet her in later days. You will sound decent but she will understand that you are interested to build friendship with her.

Don’t forget that your first impression is you last one. So, try all possible ways in which you can impress a girl in your first meeting. You can approach her like a decent man and try to make her feel special. In this way, you can make your first meeting with the girl impactful.

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