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Shilpa Pokharel Career Startup

Shilpa Pokharel is a renowned countenance in Nepalese modeling field. She is from Biratnagar.

Shilpa started her television career from a comedy sitcom ‘Gharbeti Baa’ in Kantipur television. Her uncle was an assistant director in the serial because of which she need not struggle for the entry at the initial stage. Shilpa portrayed in this serial for about 16 episodes, and she, together with Shishir Subedi left after that. She then stepped forward for modeling in the music video. Arjun Adhikari gave her break in the music video. Her first music video to be released was Anju Pant and Sworup Raj Acharya’s ‘Timi kasko hune’. She continued with the music videos and modeled for over 150 songs.

Actress Shilpa Pokhrel

During Pokharel’s modeling career, she had a chance to work with Shankar Bc, a choreographer who was very close to Chabi Raj Ojha. Shankar referred Shilpa to Chabi, and then her entry in Chabi’s production was established. She gave an audition from the script of ‘Lajja’ and was successful in impressing Chabi for the role.

She introduced herself in a lead role in ‘Lajja’ in 2015. She was to be a prostitute in the movie that was a challenging work for her at the first hit. Moreover, her first take was with Aryan sigdel and working with such an experienced actor at a very first try was itself a significant step. However, she did not back off and gave her best to it. As a result, her work was appreciated by a large number of people.

Soon after her success in ‘Lajja’, she signed for ‘Hawaldaar Suntali’, which was also a Chabi Raj production. ‘Hawaldaar Suntali’ is a movie based on true story and some of the fictional scenes were added to entertain the audience.

Shilpa Pokhrel Photo ShootChabi being the ex-husband of Rekha Thapa, lots of speculations were made about the relationship of Shilpa and Chabi ever since she signed for ‘Lajja’. Shilpa also claimed that the rumor was just a technique to attract the audience as it was her first movie. Both Chabi and Shilpa denied the observations of media personnel until they were found drinking coffee from the same cup at the malls of Kathmandu.

Shilpa resembles Rekha closely in appearance and has been working in almost all of the Chabi productions. Also, her overtake in ‘Kismat 2’, the sequel of ‘Kishman 1’ which was played by Rekha made people think that she is slowly taking the position of Rekha Thapa. Moreover, yes, again, Shilpa assured that she has nothing to do with Rekha Thapa’s position and that she wants to establish herself independently. She also said that they do not share grudge and have spoken to each other only once during the workshop of Lajja where Rekha wished Shilpa good luck for her career.

Besides modeling and acting, Shilpa has skills in beautification. She acquired her advanced course for beautician from Neel David’s Saloon. However, she does not seem to be as much interested in becoming a beautician as she is in modeling and acting.

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