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Most Popular Actress of Nepal - Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa Biography and Photos

There are less people in Nepal who have not heard the name Rekha Thapa, nickname ‘Kali’. Most probably she is the bold female personality in Nepal. Why is so? Let us have a closer look at her biography starting with a profile.

Rekha Thapa Beautiful PictureBeing a person from rural district does not make one to be backward in terms of popularity and prosperity. It has been proven by the renowned Nepali actress, as she was born in Surkhet on July 5, 1975. From this, you can now predict the age of Rekha Thapa. To be exact, she is 39 years old. It has been a long journey for her up until now and yet to be seen more in the future.

Her journey began after she moved in Kathmandu, the valley of high hopes for Nepalese within the nation. To carry on with her college education was the main purpose she entered in the capital.

Few of us know the fact that Rekha was the top 10 finalists in Miss Nepal Pageant of the year 1999. That was her first appearance towards the media. As she had already kept feet in modeling career and acting was her ambition, Chabi Raj Ojha, a Nepali director, proposed a contract to play a cast in his movie ‘Hero (2000)’.

Chabi and Rekha were closely introduced to each other and the two got married before the movie ‘Hero’ was even released. It was a fast going for a relationship that ended up with a divorce in 2012.
Reference: Wikipedia

Rekha Thapa is not only an actress

She is a passionate actress, even more than that she is the only actress of Nepal who has ever played in the range of two hundred Nepali movies. This is what makes Rekha dedicated to the movie industry with her acting and presentation skills. And I must say, as others do, Rekha Thapa is the sexiest actress of Nepal.

She is a director

Being a film maker and director for an actress is quite usual these days. She owns Rekha Films Pvt. Ltd. and has produced numerous movies till date. Personally, I hope to see modern stories in her upcoming production rather than only traditional ones.

She is a social worker

Yes, a social worker. Rekha Thapa Foundation is an organization through which she along with other supporting entities has been carrying out social welfare activities – mainly in rural areas where the people need the most help and care.

Watch a documentary video of the foundation.

She is a politician

You got that right. Thapa is a member of UCPN (Maoist), a political party. The reason for entrance in politics predict for boosting up her social work programs as every activities at top level is directly or indirectly related to politics of Nepal.

Rekha Thapa Photos

Is Rekha Thapa hot or sexy?

We assume ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ refers to the same meaning. Fans search in the internet for either ‘Rekha Thapa hot photos’ or replace the word with ‘sexy’. It is not a big matter to be discussed, but there is quite a difference.

Simply put, ‘hot’ gives the idea of an attractive face and body. Whereas, ‘sexy’ encompasses a lot more than ‘hot’. A person’s personality and intelligence can be said as sexy but not hot. As we know, Rekha Thapa is not only attractive, but also possess high degree of personality and other attributes. Combined together, we can say she is sexy. 😀

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