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Nepalese Actress - Nita Dhungana

Neeta Dhungana Biography

Most of the people search as ‘Nita Dhungana’ although her name is spelled ‘Neeta Dhungana’ in media writings. Whatever maybe the spelling, pronunciation is same. I will leave that to you for which one you choose.

Neeta Dhungana Photoshoot

Neeta Dhungana Background

Nita Dhungana in Wedding DressA Nepali actress who celebrated her birthday in an orphanage – the previous year had just turned to 22 years old. It is quite unbelievable to think of earning the fame at this age (I am not comparing with the global arena but within Nepal). Nita has been active for recent five years in Nepali movie industry. She is respected and admired for her beauty, hard work and acting talent.

Nita Dhungana started her acting career from a television serial named ‘Chetana’ when she was a child. She was said to be born in Surkhet while her acting career began in Hetauda (her hometown). Before entering the Nepali movie industry, Nita has played various leading role in Bhojpuri films. Later, she first appeared with her debut movie ‘Kishan’ which was released in April 5, 2013.


Date of Birth September 16, 1991
Birth place Surkhet
Hometown Hetauda
Height 5 ft. 4 in.
Education Bachelors from Ratna Rajya Campus, Ktm
Relationship status Single
Movies Kishan, Masan, Hamro Maya Juni Juni Kai, Ma Birsu Kasari, Notebook, Cha Ekaan Cha

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