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Nepali Actress - Keki Adhikari

Keki Adhikari Photos and Biography

You probably arrived here because you already know who Keki Adhikari is, or you would like to know more about her. So, let me start with her short background profile because not full biography of Keki Adhikari was available online even though she is a popular Nepali actress.

Keki Adhikari Profile

Keki Adhikari Photo Date of Birth December 17, 1990
Nick name Keku
Father Badri Adhikari, movie director
Mother Laxmi Adhikari
School Bal Sirjanalaya School, Kathmandu
+2 White House College
Bachelors BIM, Prime College
Masters MBA
First music video ‘Kasari’ by Mingma Sherpa
First movie Swor

Career Startup

In the beginning, as a participant in a dance competition, a reality show named Ghintang in NTV, Keki got breakthrough by Prasanna Poudel, co-producer of the show as he felt the hidden talent in Keki. She got her vary first opportunity to work in the music video of Mingma Sherpa “Kasari’.

Before the release of the music video, she was seen in the Close Up commercial ad on television. As the teeth shined on the ad, her career also shined up with the opportunity to enter the film industry of Nepal. Her debut movie ‘Swor’ led her to be known as one of the Nepali actress. Later, she was seen in numerous photoshoot, music videos and movies that paved her career path with popularity. We can assume the talent inside her came either from her family background or of her own that all led to win the heart of her fans and appreciators.

Keki Adhikari Photos

Keki, a name that is somewhat unique and I suppose no one has heard it before. Indeed, Keki which means a beautiful bird, is not a common name. I know you are not here to know what is the meaning of her name. You would probably want to look for hot photos of Keki Adhikari.

Below are some of the photos that have been managed to collect in one place from online sources.

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