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I am glad that you wanted to know more about Well, continue your read and you will know why this blog was created and what is the purpose of its existence.

At first, let me introduce myself… umm, do you really want to know about me? I guess not. If you want to know who I am, you can always contact me.

Okay, so let us continue why was built.

Through the name of its domain, you can easily guess that the website and its content will be about Nepali girls. And you are absolutely correct. This blog was created to deliver information, tips and articles related to the female models, actresses, singers and every personality of Nepal which I think will be relevant to be included.

The content is not limited to the text version only, but also the visitors are fed with images and videos.

Let me tell you one thing, while the visitors are able to get updated information in this blog, it is just a project for me. Project to take higher and higher. No doubt as the site is maintained by only me. But, this in not the first site that I have started. Before it, many free blogs were created and as the time passed, I felt the need to make an informational blog that does not violates the copyright of any institutions.

Few more words…

As you may or might not know, Nepal is a country where females are dominated as the culture and tradition is still in the dark era. So, I think the Nepali girls are to be empowered through the help of all Nepalese. For this reason, also aims to collect the money which can later be donated to the institutions that are in need. In addition to that, if this site is successful, the income generated from this blog will be used for helping the girls. Ahh… long way to go for that but not impossible.

That’s just me and what is for. So, if you are eager to contribute to this blog in any way, you are most welcome.

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